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why bootlegs ???

that's what everybody is asking me : why spending your time searching for recordings that will sound, at best, just as good as the worst official live recording that ever existed.

all this questions started me thinking. all that time and money .. what for ? how much do I love music to do that ? I do not collect every bootleg a group or a particular artist does, I'm not into that. For some, I just have one or two bootlegs, and that suits me fine, as long it has a good sound, and give a good picture of what that group can be on stage. So what's the deal ? I think I have part of an answer. Well, my answer...

Do you remember, depending on your age, the first time when you heard "purple haze", light my fire", "satisfaction", "whole lotta love", "the low spark of high heeled boys", "london calling", "the boys are back in town", you name it ...

I remember, and I'm still searching for these goose-bumps again. Searching for another version with another feeling or more power. And also trying to see if this band can deliver what the studio recordings promised, because the stage is the moment of truth ...

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